EDS Treatment with Nutritional Supplements

One of our members just forwarded the most interesting article, “A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Based on Nutritional Supplements.”

The idea is that nutrition may be a major factor in the pathogenesis of many disorders once thought to result from the effects of defective genes alone. Additionally many of the symptoms associated with EDS are also characteristic of nutritional deficiencies.

Well, if the idea sounds worth reading try the five page full article.

2 Replies to “EDS Treatment with Nutritional Supplements”

  1. This study is 10 years old and we know more about vitamins now. Is anyone going to the conference who could get this into the hands of a doctor who might want to research it a bit?

  2. More research is definitely needed. I am aware of this article and definitely will be advocating for research in this area. I will be speaking at the conference: “How EDS Affects Digestion, Nutrition, Bowel Function and Gut-Related Immunity: The Care and Feeding of Zebras”

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