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Fill out this form to receive the famous EDS-NYC Friendly Dr. List. This list of doctors has been compiled based on the personal recommendation of members of the EDS-NYC group. The email with the list will come to you automatically as soon as you click ‘send’.

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  1. I have a tentative dx and am new to this. Three weeks ago, I had never heard of Ehylers Danlos. I am happy my Dr. Referred me to this site. Do you know of any doctors in N.J?

    1. Did anyone leave you the name of an Ehlers-Danlos physician in Queens, NY? I live in Great Neck and would be interested in finding out either a pain management doctor, or an internist, who would be knowledgeable about EDS. Thanks.

    2. I noticed the post asking for a pain management dr.
      I go to Dr. Alexander Weingarten, MD
      Comprehensive Pain Management Associates
      2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite S20
      New Hyde Park, NY 1104291
      ——-2nd office—–
      121 Eileen Way
      Syosset, NY 11791
      516-496-4964 **he also has Sunday morning appointments and is somewhat familiar with EDS.

  2. I have a great eye dr. in Howard Beach, Queens if anyone is interested. As far as a GP, I am still searching for the dr I don’t have to educate. Let me know if anyone finds one in Queens. Thanks.

  3. I’m waiting for my testing. That’s not until June! I have an appointment with Dr. Davis. Once you go for the appointment, how long does it take to get results?

  4. Desperately looking for an EDS-friendly physical therapist in Westchester or not too far. It doesn’t have to be someone who already knows alot about EDS, just someone willing to get educated about it and able to deliver safe and effective PT. I was mangled by an over-zealous PT who knew nothing about EDS and went at my neck so hard that it is swollen and hurts 2 days later. Now I need a PT to help me heal from this! It’s so important to have practitioners who are at least willing to learn.

  5. I am looking for a doctor and physical therapist that specialize in EDS in the New York City, queens, Long Island area. Any leads would be very helpful!! Thank you!

  6. Wanted to add my doctors to this list. I was recently diagnosed with moderate EDS.

    General Practicioner (the one who suspected EDS)
    RENO DE SCALA, MD – Mt Sinai NYC (offices in Astoria and LI)

    Podiatrist – makes amazing orthotics and is familiar with EDS & related syndromes
    JEFFREY FALCONE DPM 212-838-4151

    Mt. Sinai Hospital, Pediatric Cardiology Department, also has a Marfan’s/Connective Tissue disorder clinic three times a year. You receive an EKG, sonogram of the heart and aorta, full workup for EDS, and consultation with the Cardiologist. They are wonderful and I cannot recommend them more. They accept all insurance and a sliding fee is available for the uninsured.

    DR BRU

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