Mast Cell

Noted Allergist/Immunologist Dr. Anne Maitland spoke for almost 2 hours about mast cells, EDS, allergies versus hypersensitivity, and much, much more April 2, 2013.

So far the Ustream link is ready to go:

You need to create a Ustream account, but that’s easy or you can log in with Facebook.

The 24 minute segment, which currently is the bottom of the three segments on the list, is the first one. That starts with the introduction.

We are all extremely grateful to Dr. Maitland, who took so much of her time and was so generous with information. She mentioned that two years ago there really was no research on this mast cell activity, which makes this pretty cutting edge.

I hope to have the other copy of the video up in good time, but seeing the good quality of this one really does sap my current motivation.


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