Dan Doherty from Genelex explained pharmacogenetics and how genetic testing can prevent certain dangerous effects from medicines, April 23, 2015.

I inserted the slides in the video that shows in the player. I also sped up that video to reduce the 71 minute run time to 53 minutes.
The image below the video is the slide presentation link.
The next two videos are questions lasting 5 minutes each.

Presentation video

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If the above video does not play for you, here’s the
MP4 Video download link.
Flash Video download link.
These videos are 71 minutes long and don’t have the slides edited in.


Presentation slides


Click the image above to download the 52 pages of presentation slides.



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For more information Dan can be reached at:
Dan Doherty, Senior Personalized Prescribing Account Manager
Direct: (206) 826-1951 or (800) 523-3080 x 2851


8.5GB edited Video download link.

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    Dr Marcus has been excellent at determining muscle as a pain source and treating with injections that work well for “stiff” EDSers that might be too aggressive for the EDS dislocators.
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