Dr. Albina Tamalonis talk: “Less Is More: Meeting the challenge of living happily with EDS”

This is part 1, 1hr 34min long
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Part 2, 10mins
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Part 3, 7 mins
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Monday, November 9, 2015 talk on coping strategies for EDS by Dr. Albina Tamalonis, a therapist with EDS.

Living with the psychological challenges from the many limitations of EDS can be daunting to the person who has EDS, and their family and friends. The pains, restrictions, injuries, disappointments and feelings of embarrassment are hard to manage. This presentation will help with coping strategies to eliminate these issues and feelings. The focus is on hope, what strengths you have and living your life to the fullest now.

Helping people adjust to physical challenges by making a change in their thinking that less can be more. Less weight, less possibilities, less complexity and less rushing can be freeing. With an Ericksonian approach to therapy and active guided meditation this workshop will illustrate how a person can come to terms with the chronic EDS illness and reframe pain, uncertainty and insomnia. The workshop will end with an active guided meditation set to music.

Educational Objectives
1. To learn the essence of reframing for chronic illness,.
2. To learn Erickson’s guiding life principle of focusing on what is left in ones life rather than what is lost with any chronic illnesses.

Albina M. Tamalonis, Psy.D, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a full time private practice in NYC for over 25 years. She has one Masters degree in psychological research, one Masters degree in school psychology, and a Doctorate in child and adult clinical psychology. She treats people from 12 years of age and up, with an assortment of disorders. Dr. Tamalonis specializes in brief approaches to psychotherapy, which uses: meditation, relaxation and other mental techniques that alter consciousness to more easily help people change their ways of thinking and behaving. She uses active guided meditation that upgrades meditation to trance therapy to help her patients with many mind/body problems such as pain, insomnia, preparation for surgeries and healing.

Dr. Tamalonis has taught internationally at various professional societies around the world, and nationally at the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, to name a few. Dr. Tamalonis current interest is helping people with EDS and other chronic physical disorders, repetitive injuries and aging. She has special insight in EDS because she has it herself. Dr. Tamalonis has appeared on radio, television and a movie. She produces active guided meditation CDs with original music by her husband, Thomas Tamalonis-Olofsson. For more information about Dr. Tamalonis you can go to TherapySolutionsForChange.com.

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